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all pent up with nowhere to go

by Jen at 5:30 pm on 24.08.2010 | 4 Comments
filed under: rant and rage

america has made me angry these last few days. well, america can make me angry most days, if i let it, so perhaps my skin is just thinner lately, because every time i check the news, or log onto twitter, i feel this slow, hot burn begin in my stomach and spread up through my chest and into my brain.

sarah palin’s anti-woman sentiments cloaked as “feminism”. dr. laura’s hostile need to spouting the n-word at will. the naked racism on display over the manufactured “ground zero mosque” controversy. the 20% who claim to believe, in spite of all evidence, that obama is muslim.

all the intolerance and attacks and wilful, deliberate, obstinate ignorance just sends me over the edge. it makes my pulse pound in my temples, while the hot fever of shame and embarrassment at being the same nationality as these people crawls over my body.

i recently spouted off something to that same effect on facebook, and one of my stateside friends commented that it must be the distance that contributes to my naivete. not being around it all the time, only seeing it from afar, i am not jaded through enough exposure to be able to shrug it off like they have to. living in an environment where you’re surrounded by people who genuinely say and think these things, you must develop a sense of resigned antipathy. after all – you can’t spend your whole life being angry at ignorance and fear, or you’d do nothing else with all your days.

but what can i do? there’s precious little i *can* do. instead, i just get wound up, with no real place to channel my frustration, no way to effect change. i just seethe quietly (or not so quietly), raging away futilely on the internet, and hope that public sentiment will change with time.

i am powerless to do much more. and weeks like this, it feels like there’s nothing worse.

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    Comment by t.tara

    25.08.2010 @ 16:24 pm

    Jen – I’m in the states and feel exactly the same way. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even listen to my beloved NPR without feeling a little sad about what all these situations are revealing about some Americans’ character. I’ve realized that it’s not us who are naive but rather those who expected a magic wand to fix everything. Change starts at home but nobody wants to start there.

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    Comment by Jen

    26.08.2010 @ 19:40 pm

    yeah, even worse than the anger, is the sadness ( but good to know i’m not alone.

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    Comment by Jenny

    30.08.2010 @ 17:56 pm

    I live in the US and feel the same way you do. Its heartbreaking……its like we’re regressing into the dark ages.

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    Comment by A Free Man

    8.09.2010 @ 06:04 am

    I’m just tired of the U.S. Bored of it. Trying my best to ignore it and to focus on where I am now. Of course, that’s an impossible task. But for the most part I just shake my head in resignation of the utter ridiculousness of my homeland. It’s like a parody of itself.

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