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apropos of nothing…

by Jen at 5:36 pm on 3.05.2011 | 3 Comments
filed under: rant and rage

… if the fact that i won’t cheer the death of someone makes you uncomfortable, that’s your problem, not mine. i don’t run around telling people not to cheer – please don’t think you need to tell me why you feel perfectly justified in doing just that. everyone else feels entitled to opine away on how happy they are – but the minute i offer a dissenting opinion, i’m accused of finger-wagging, or even being unpatriotic (which, as anyone who knows me well will know, is a concept i find laughable.)

to be clear: my feelings are my feelings alone – i am more than aware that they do not coincide with the feelings of most other people i know. and frankly, i don’t care what your internal mental rationale is. but if my personal stance makes you feel defensive, that’s something for you to examine – not me.

that is all.

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    Comment by charlotte

    4.05.2011 @ 07:52 am

    With you on this, Jen. To loosely quote Martin Luther King, while I mourn the death of thousands, I will not celebrate the death of one, even an enemy. Hate brings hate.

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    Comment by daddio

    5.05.2011 @ 04:47 am

    no, you are not alone and what you feel, and what you believe does matter. killing will alway be killing and it deminishes the killer and remains in their conscious and sub-conscious being for the remainder of their lives. soldiers return from war, glad they survived but not very proud of the death they were part of and the the pain they contributed to. soldiers talk to other soldiers about their experiences, but are reluctant to talk to their families and loved ones. the other soldiers understand that they did to keep each other alive.

    after watching the 10 part series “band of brothers”, a depiction of true stories of paratroopers in france and germany, i have been thinking of my father’s role, cate’s dad’s role and my friend, joe’s role during the years they spent in combat during ww2. i understand from my own friends in my own experience during vietnam that soldiers lose something very precious in doing what they do…they sacrificed a piece of their soul. keep all of the men and women who do these deeds for us, including the seals who performed this assination, close to your heart so that they may heal.

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    Comment by Geri

    14.05.2011 @ 08:25 am

    you are not alone. This was not the way

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