In numbered days

It flew by so quickly

That this place and time

should finally arrive at my feet

Yet it seemed forever

A lifetime, in fact

That I stumbled along

tripping on mistakes

bumping with wrong steps

Not knowing I was blind

So you’ll forgive me

I was expecting lightning and thunder

A signal, an omen,

Dramatic announcement from the heavens

When I finally met you

For it was you I was waiting for

You I needed so badly

Always you my longing sought

Instead, there was only within me

A dawning awareness of change

A slow shift in the stars

An imperceptible twining

Of my soul with yours

My hand with yours

Through subtle spinning of the earth

Which brought us here and now

As if it never could have been otherwise

As if nothing else ever was

And now, here

In this space and place and time

You hold my heart in your hand

My future tied to your star

My days bound to yours

Our roots are tangled

Our lives inextricably meshed

There is no me without you

So, here and now, I will take you, and keep you, and hold you, and love you, and be yours, with all that I am, all the rest of my days.



We live in a strange, unpredictable, often difficult world. The one thing we can always rely on, though, is the simple beauty of love. It transcends all other factors and binds us together. It doesn’t always arrive exactly when we expect it, but it always opens our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.

I promise that I will always, to the best of my ability, treat you with the love, respect and dignity you deserve as my wife, my partner, and my best friend. No matter what this world throws at us, we will get through it just fine because of our love.

We will always have everything we need because we will always have our love.

I love you.