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the meaning of it all

by J at 5:54 pm on 29.10.2004Comments Off
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if there is one thing uniting sox fans today, it’s incredulous awe.

a full day later, and i have to say, i still am not sure i’ve fully got my head around it. what does it all mean? is the rivalry with the yanks over? do we have nothing bigger and better to look forward to from here on out? have we become a fad phenomenon? will we win again, or go back to our well-worn losing ways?

and the biggest: without a curse to gripe about, what does it mean to be a sox fan now?

i guess my answer is this. it doesn’t really matter. red sox fans will remain red sox fans, because we love them.

red sox nation was never truly defined by our martyrdom or long suffering misery. that was how others defined us.

we defined ourselves very simply, as fans of the greatest sports team ever. the red sox were never a cause or a charity we signed on for. they were just a team of men, playing a game we loved, for fans who were truly passionate about baseball. a team which we sometimes lauded, sometimes cursed, but always stood by. it’s always been a marriage, for better or for worse – not because of the success, or lack thereof, but rather because we just love the team. marriages change, but true love remains always. we loved them when they were ugly, we loved them when they were poor, and we loved them when they were sick and sad and downtrodden. we did not love them *because* of these things. we loved them in spite of them.

winning and losing are transitory states of being, much like ice to water to vapor. and tomorrow or the day after, there will be more winning and losing. but the essence remains the same. they are ours and we are theirs, forever and ever, amen.

the only thing which has changed in all of this, is the acknowledgement by others, of what we have always known. The definition by others, of what we have always seen before our very eyes.



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