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2006 blog in review- part 2: 24 words

by Jen at 7:09 pm on 14.12.2006 | 1 Comment
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it’s nearing the end of the year, and i always find it hard to reflect without becoming sappy and sentimental. so stumbling across this writing exercise at nicole’s blog (hope you don’t mind!), i decided to try it. it took me less than two minutes, but it’s probably the best end of year summary i could have ever written – there are no wasted words, no overwrought sentences, no extraneous adjectives.

saying a lot of nothing is easy. what matters is capturing the essence of what you will remember in years to come, when most of one year blurs into the next, when the sameness runs at the edges of a decade. but this was my 2006 – in 24 words.

sacrifice and wanting. giving up and gone. travelled the world and saw the horizon of dreams. new beginnings back in the same old place.

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1 Comment

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    Comment by Nicole

    14.12.2006 @ 19:25 pm

    Isn’t it a great exercise?

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