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zeke is a freak

by Jen at 8:59 pm on 4.05.2007 | 3 Comments
filed under: blurblets, zeke the freak

Oh my life. my cat plays fetch. up until now he’s played “football”, batting his little ping-pong ball around. and now, he brings the ball to j to throw. in his mouth, like a dog.

he’s officially a freak.



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    Comment by Abigail

    4.05.2007 @ 22:56 pm

    My old cat played fetch. Try giving him a straw. Tomás loves straws.

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    Comment by nikoline

    5.05.2007 @ 01:28 am

    or maybe he’s a genius?

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    Comment by Vol Abroad

    5.05.2007 @ 08:57 am

    that’s awesome

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