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reason number 3306 why i love my husband

by Jen at 12:05 am on 11.06.2007 | 3 Comments
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j plays guitar. he used to play all the time – pretty well, in fact – but hasn’t picked it up in quite a while, what with moving and studying and being generally busy with life. i’ve missed it. there’s something about watching him, bent over the chords so earnestly, that really gets to me, tugs at my heartstrings. it’s so sweetly endearing, something inside me just turns to mush. i can’t help it.

i’d heard a new version of “overkill” last night at chris and ton’s barbeque that i hadn’t heard before, and i liked it so much, that i spent some time today tracking it down. listened to it over and over.

and when i came home late this evening and opened the door, i heard him practicing the same song. now how am i supposed to resist that, i ask you?

lazlo bane f/ colin hay – overkill

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    Comment by Anglofille

    11.06.2007 @ 22:42 pm

    Do you love the original Men at Work song? [I assume that's the original.] I love it. And this new version is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

  • 2

    Comment by Jen

    11.06.2007 @ 22:52 pm

    i do love the original. and the acoustic version (which i actually had already posted here). i particularly like the different tempo on this one.

  • 3

    Comment by Anglofille

    11.06.2007 @ 23:15 pm

    Oh, I remember that acoustic one! That one is even better than this newer one. I was just listening to Men at Work earlier. I didn’t think anyone else liked them anymore. )

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