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no, i have no idea what celeriac is either

by Jen at 11:14 am on 17.06.2007 | 2 Comments
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last night k & t came over for dinner. this is pretty much a standing weekly event, where we take turns hosting and cooking and picking up bad videos and drinking too much wine. [aside: the informal wine experiment continues with disastrous results - i had two glasses of white wine last night and had a headache even before i went to bed, as well as upon waking this morning.] i always cook when it’s our turn, mostly because i really enjoy cooking (i am surpisingly domestic/ated) and partly because j’s idea of a good meal is one where he expends the least amount of energy possible getting edible food into his mouth. he’s a guy like that. but i was really tired, so i asked him to organise dinner, fully expecting we’d end up feasting on j’s old standby of prepackaged fresh pasta, sauce from a jar, and frozen garlic bread.

you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said, “maybe i’ll make some duck.”

and so we went to the shop, laid in the provisions (my jaw nearly hit the floor when he told me with a genuine tinge of disappointment that he was sadly unable to find celeriac), and when k & t arrived, the three of us drank and played yahtzee while j toiled away at the stovetop. it was wonderfully relaxing to be able to carry on a proper conversation with friends, rather than inattentively saying, “uh, huh”, “uh huh” whilst trying to juggle boiling/frying/slicing all at once. it was the height of luxury to actually be able to sit and enjoy my wine, instead of taking hasty gulps at my glass in between stirring and dicing.

and what j brought to the table was a revelation: roasted duck breast with cherry sauce, spinach mashed potatoes and side vegetables. it was *good*.

so a) clearly all the cookery shows we’ve been watching have been brainwashing him to good effect and b) he will no longer be able to get away with serving up frozen fish and chips and calling it dinner. the boy can cook.

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

the beastie boys – finger lickin’ good

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    Comment by Vol Abroad

    19.06.2007 @ 10:22 am

    celeriac is nice – add chunks to your collection of veggies in a roast or perhaps add to your potato mash.

    The veggie itself looks ugly.

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    Comment by Jen

    19.06.2007 @ 21:22 pm

    i’ll have to ask j to make it some other evening )

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