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stick, snow, toilet seat… it’s all the same

by Jen at 8:31 pm on 19.07.2007 | 3 Comments
filed under: now *that's* love

an advert for a pregnancy test comes on television

jonno: i should check to see if *i* am pregnant

me: you just want an excuse to pee on something



  • 1

    Comment by amity

    20.07.2007 @ 10:28 am

    Is Jonno into golden showers then? lol

  • 2

    Comment by Jen

    20.07.2007 @ 18:11 pm

    ewwww! 8-O

  • 3

    Comment by Thomas Foolery

    20.07.2007 @ 23:39 pm

    I like to peepee.

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