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one ply or two?

by Jen at 9:57 pm on 1.10.2007 | 4 Comments
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Information about all landline and mobile phone calls made in the UK must be logged and stored for a year under new laws.

Data about calls made and received will also be available to 652 public bodies, including the police and councils.

fuck me – pretty soon they’ll be logging the number of toilet flushes per household.


something corporate – watch the sky

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    Comment by nikoline

    4.10.2007 @ 07:04 am

    how does one know it’s just for a year? what happens then? what about the 652 “public bodies” – do they also get rid of the info after a year?

    something so wrong about all these efforts…

  • 2

    Comment by Jen

    4.10.2007 @ 20:56 pm

    well, but precisely.

  • 3

    Comment by nikoline

    6.10.2007 @ 04:25 am

    i’m famous for stating the obvious….but i am also really asking these questions and i already know the answer and that is what is REALLY disturbing. (which is also I realize, quite obvious.)

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    Comment by Jen

    7.10.2007 @ 18:59 pm

    it is disturbing – even moreso that there is almost no protest by the sheepish public who naively trust the government.

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