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love means never having to say you’re sorry

by Jen at 2:24 am on 16.10.2007 | 4 Comments
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j went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday this evening, while i stayed home feeling unwell. he swore up and down he was going to be home early, but sloshed his way home at 1 am full of mojitos.

j often gets unbelievably amiable when drunk – telling bad jokes, insisting on making cups of tea, etc. jonno also gets completely obsessed with the cat when drunk. i mean, won’t stop picking him up, trying to cuddle him, holding long one-sided conversations with him. it’d be really cute if it wasn’t so incredibly annoying, and i have to say, the cat didn’t like it much either… or at least that’s what i garnered from the fact he was trying to hide under my chair, and the strangled meows every time j squished him close to his chest, in a scene which called to mind the character lennie from “of mice and men”. the rspca would have been appalled.

i have a hunch someone will have a sore head in the morning.



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    Comment by amity

    16.10.2007 @ 08:44 am

    Aw, bless! Poor Zeke. At least J is a friendly drunk, not the sort to want to kick a cat. I’ve seen people be so mean to animals when they’ve been drinking and it’s so sad.

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    Comment by Nicole

    16.10.2007 @ 20:38 pm


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    Comment by nikoline

    17.10.2007 @ 03:22 am

    too much love can never *really* be a bad thing, right? )

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    Comment by Jen

    17.10.2007 @ 22:15 pm

    depends on which cat you ask! )

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