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i suppose there are worse things to be strung out on

by Jen at 9:34 pm on 13.11.2007 | 2 Comments
filed under: zeke the freak

i think i’ve mentioned before how one of zeke’s favourite toys is a plain ball of foil. he will play with one for *hours*, batting it about, sliding around the floor after it like a madman – his fascination is endless.

j’s been buying a lot of tunnock’s caramel wafers lately, and balling up the wrapper for zeke to play with when he’s finished. which means the cat now comes running from anywhere in the flat when he hears the faintest crinkle of foil, eyes wide, like some kind of kitty-crackhead, just jonesing for his fix.

have i mentioned he also does this whenever we open the tray of the dvd player to put a disc in? flies into the room like a bat outta hell whenever the supersonic whirring of the tray mechanism starts up, then attempts to catch the tray as it’s coming out and going back in. once, he even went around the back of the tv stand, as if trying to see where it had gone.

oh – and he’s afraid of empty plastic milk bottles and jonno’s guitar, but *not* the hoover or my hair dryer.

our cat is such a freak.



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    Comment by Frank

    15.11.2007 @ 13:13 pm

    Forgive me for not keeping up with everything, but I sure am glad you mentioned Zeke is your cat at the very end of your post! )

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    Comment by Jen

    15.11.2007 @ 22:58 pm

    gotta pay attention! )

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