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the damage done

by Jen at 6:23 pm on 15.02.2008 | 3 Comments
filed under: zeke the freak

::jonno goes to the shop:: *meow*

::jonno takes a shower:: *meow*

::jen leaves for work in the morning:: *meow*

i think we’ve given poor zeke serious abandonment issues.



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    Comment by noble savage

    15.02.2008 @ 19:21 pm

    oh yeah, zeke must’ve missed you guys! i assume you had someone coming over to feed him and didn’t board him?

  • 2

    Comment by Jen

    15.02.2008 @ 19:43 pm

    yeah, k&t came by to feed and play with him. but he is acting like he was left to fend for himself for 2 weeks! roll

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    Comment by Thomas Foolery

    16.02.2008 @ 02:01 am

    yeah, cats sometimes take it personally.

    luckily they also have short memories and are easily distracted by a box or a stray wine cork.

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