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by Jen at 9:50 pm on 8.03.2008 | 4 Comments
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things which arrived in the post for zeke this week:

- 4 boxes premium cat litter (unavailable in regular pet stores)

- a new litter box

- a laser pointer toy

- a radiator bed for our bedroom (he already has one in the lounge)

y’know, when i write it all out like that, it *does* seem a little ridiculous…

though to be fair, the laser pointer is probably more for our entertainment than his



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    Comment by Lyle in Bangkok

    9.03.2008 @ 05:24 am

    What, no gold-plated scratching post? javascript:moreSmiliesAappendSmiley(’ razz ’)

    Jen, I’m a fellow American expat who, despite being a rabid Angophile (fan of Branston pickle, all things Peter Cook, Newcastle United, etc), has lived in Bangkok since 2001 due to hubby’s job. However, said job landed us in London last year for six months, which only ratified my obsession! Anyway, I stumbled upon your Den yesterday while Googling for expat-in-london blogs, and found your writing charming — but after reading this post that reveals you also love kitties (we have two tamed Thai strays and one fat U.S. cat), and your profile in which you express disgust for Dubya (yech!! Can January 2009 get here faster, please?!), I’m definitely bookmarking your Den and shall check it out frequently in future. razz razz

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    Comment by Lyle in Bangkok

    9.03.2008 @ 05:28 am

    Whoops, I just way over-smileyed on my comment a few minutes ago. How do these smiley icons work? Don’t worry, that was a rhetorical question…but really, I feel like a grinning eejit.

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    Comment by Nicole

    9.03.2008 @ 11:37 am

    laser pointer toys are the best thing ever! Hours of entertainment for all!!!

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    Comment by Jen

    10.03.2008 @ 22:11 pm

    just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comments lyle! yes, zeke gets fairly frequent bloggage around here… as does dubya bashing )

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