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how i know i’m getting old

by Jen at 7:53 pm on 2.05.2008 | 5 Comments
filed under: blurblets, mundane mayhem

came home from work.

did some yoga.

took a hot shower.

changed into sweats.

ate a baked potato the size of my head.

oooh yeah, baby! that’s my blissfully relaxing friday night, at the beginning of a long weekend.

and i don’t even care how lame it makes me.



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    Comment by clarissa

    3.05.2008 @ 07:13 am

    Ha ha.

    I got home. Drank a glass of wine, ate a bowl of past (made by the Mista), took the dog for a walk, and was asleep by 10.


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    Comment by Jen

    3.05.2008 @ 08:14 am

    that sounds heavenly! )

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    Comment by nikoline

    8.05.2008 @ 04:30 am

    my friday night was greektown with my aunt and her beau. roditi’s wine and my aunt tried to tell my fortune from the grounds of my greek coffee….best night i’ve had in a long while. yours sounded like it would’ve been right up my alley as well!

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    Comment by Jen

    9.05.2008 @ 21:41 pm

    but what did your fortune say? )

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    Comment by nikoline

    15.05.2008 @ 05:17 am

    it was all sludge, unfortunately. my aunt’s technique was off and so…my fortune remains unknown. probably better that way. ) i did discover that i LOVE greek coffee, however. and greek waiters. )

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