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the laws of attraction

by Jen at 7:50 pm on 17.06.2008 | 1 Comment
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i love my cat. it was my idea to get a cat, i asked permission from the landlord, i found zeke, i insisted we get zeke. j was happy enough to go along with my need for a cat, but never having lived with a cat before, he was somewhat indifferent to actually getting one.

i feed zeke, i take him to the vet, i take care of the litter, i buy him toys.

and so it’s only fitting that it should be jonno that zeke mews piteously for every time he walks out the door, jonno he follows slavishly from room to room. only fitting that it’s jonno he curls up with on the bed, jonno he plays with endlessly, jonno whose lap he climbs into in the evenings.

i hate to admit it but it’s true: my cat has made me jealous of my husband.

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    Comment by noble savage

    17.06.2008 @ 20:05 pm

    zeke may adore J but if he gets sick or hurt i bet it’s you he comes running to. just like most children do with their mums. )

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