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the games are back!

by Jen at 6:25 pm on 8.08.2008 | 4 Comments
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oh, olympics! how i love thee!!

the spectacle and human drama never fail to entrance me completely. i’m watching the recap of the opening ceremonies (which i missed while at work), and getting goosepimples. it just moves me so deeply.

i said before:

i love it so much, not only because i love sports and drama, but because for me it’s a symbol of everything i still believe in about this world. what i choose to believe, in spite of scandal and war and grave injustice. namely this: that you can strive mightly for something good in the face of all obstacles, and achieve your pinnacle moment of self-realisation, your personal triumph that makes all the sacrifice and blood/sweat/tears worthwhile. and you do it not for riches or fame, but because you want to prove to yourself that you can. to my mind, there is nothing purer than that.

oh, the seven atheletes from iraq just came on! to think of what they’ve had to overcome to participate here… there i go welling up again.

see, it’s that stuff that gets me right behind the leaky eyes. that’s what it’s all about.

bring on the games!



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    Comment by noble savage

    8.08.2008 @ 18:42 pm

    I wish I could be that excited about it but I just can’t stop thinking about all the people made homeless by the Chinese development for Olympic facilities. (

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    Comment by Charlotte

    8.08.2008 @ 20:36 pm

    I was watching the recap while running on the treadmill and got all choked up too, especially when the South Africans came on in their terrible uniforms but with their huge grins. I don’t really want to, but I do find it moving.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Jen.

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    Comment by Jen

    8.08.2008 @ 21:13 pm

    well, i’m certainly not going to defend china’s behaviour… that’s china for ya. the beautiful and the ugly, cheek by jowl with each other.

    but i’d also say it wasn’t the fault of the atheletes – any more than it was when the 1936 olympics in berlin became a political soapbox for the nazi party (and subsequently one of the greatest atrocities in human history).

    and it’s the atheletes that i watch it for – for the personal stories and small triumphs, that restore some of my faith in the humanity of individuals.

    because i gave up faith in nations long ago.

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    Comment by noble savage

    9.08.2008 @ 06:11 am

    Oh yeah, I don’t blame the athletes at all. I just couldn’t help but think of it when I heard the opening ceremonies were on. Hopefully it will be a good Games and will help China to prosper in a global way.

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