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by Jen at 5:05 pm on 16.12.2008 | 4 Comments
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    Comment by Your Sister

    16.12.2008 @ 19:05 pm

    love the peanuts reference! he is a sexy little tree. i have your mailbox ornament- but which one is yours? i think mine is the white one with red trim. is your the white one with red doors? i will send one with your birthday package.
    are you bringing your phone to morocco? i don’t want to be accused of not calling on your birthday.

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    Comment by Tabitha

    17.12.2008 @ 03:53 am

    How soon before kitty has it on its side?

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    Comment by Kim

    17.12.2008 @ 19:42 pm

    Franklin is adorable! No tree at Rushleigh this year, perhaps just a mini so well done to you for getting Franklin so well dressed!

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    Comment by Jen

    17.12.2008 @ 23:24 pm

    @sis – my mailbox is the white one with the red door. cousin lisa sent around pictures of her kids and tree… and she has all her ornaments too!!

    @tabitha – ha! luckily he’s more interested in sitting under it than tipping it over.

    @kim – we almost didn’t… but i just *had to*! grin

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