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my bruins boyz

by Jen at 10:22 am on 16.04.2009 | 3 Comments
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i’ve not said much about my boston bruins success (eastern conference winners, thank you very much!) for fear of *the jinx*.

but tonight begins the road to the stanley cup, i feel sure of it!  we face off against the hated habs later today.  for the first time since the lockout season, i like our chances. go bruins!

via andy, a bruins funny:



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    Comment by daddio

    19.04.2009 @ 17:50 pm

    i figured i’d stop by for a visit to your blog. as always, fascinating. couple of thoughts….i passed up free bruins tickets a couple of wks ago…right next to the TV camera…nobody to go with at the last moment.

    i read your thoughts on too much TV and the comments of the poor woman feeling guilty about her child’s exposure. yes, we tried to limit your TV viewing, but many a saturday we also would put you in the room downstairs with david with a bowl of dry cheerios, put up the gate and go back to sleep.

    TV really isn’t the problem, the culture of violence on TV is the problem. many a great travel, animal, historical, cultural, adventure, drama, entertainment show out there. lots to learn about our world…including a few words of spanish. what else can you be doing with the time…depends. at the end of my day, i just love to veg out and just soak it in.

    saw a great ken burns flick on the womens movement in the US. learned more in an hour and a half than in all my years of interest in history. did you know that only one vote of one man determined the passage of the ammendment to the constitution that allowed women the right to vote….in south (north?) carolina, no less. talk about profiles in courage. last state, last vote, half a century of women’s stuggle as the background. the guy was against it, as were his constituents s…but he did what he knew his mother would want him to do. awsome!

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    Comment by Dave

    22.04.2009 @ 19:43 pm

    and they go for the sweep tonight…. grin

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    Comment by Jen

    23.04.2009 @ 20:00 pm

    @dave swept! D

    @daddio – sounds like a fascinating documentary, wish i could catch it here.

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