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lucky number 9336!

by Jen at 12:22 pm on 15.05.2010 | 1 Comment
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i got my race number yesterday!


so far i’ve been trying not to talk a lot about my training, for fear of jinxing it. and things were going pretty swell until my 18 mile run – since then my hips have been complaining loudly. however i managed my 20 miler, and have been trying to mostly rest and do physio exercises, in the hopes of making through this marathon with my legs still attached.

i only know that one way or another, i will complete it. painfully, slowly, or otherwise, i will get to the finish line. i’ve never dropped out of a marathon yet, and i don’t intend to start now.

so it seems like as good a time as any to remind y’all that i’m trying to raise a few bucks for one of my favourite causes – the elephant nature foundation. you can read my lyrical waxing about it here and here, but suffice to say it’s an amazing place doing amazing work. can you spare a bit to sponsor me? it would do so much good towards saving an abused elephant.

big thanks for all those who’ve donated so far – your support means a lot to me and to the ellies )


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    Comment by Inga

    18.05.2010 @ 14:25 pm

    I have had elephants ON THE BRAIN lately. Am thrilled you are running with them in mind and in goal. If that makes sense. Every time I read your blog I am inspired in some way. Most often, always to be a better person. xoxo.

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