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by Jen at 6:14 pm on 1.10.2010 | 5 Comments
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i know i haven’t been here recently. guess that’s likely to happen when you’re not sure what to say.

i’ve often claimed to be an open book, but the reality is, there are just some things taking up most of my brain space at the moment, that i’m not going to share with the world. maybe when they’re in the safely in the rearview mirror, but not right now. i need time to process, decide and act, and that’s not best accomplished in front of others, nor is it interesting to others. so i’m mulling behind the scenes tending to my life and letting the weeds grow where they will.

none of which is helped by my homesickness. usually around this time of year i head back to boston and cape cod for a visit with the family, but due to the fact that i went in april, and the afore-not-mentioned current stressors, i’m not going this year. i miss it desperately.

new england fall is one of my favourite joys in life, something i don’t think i’ll ever get out of my system. pumpkins and cranberry bogs, apple picking, chilled salt air, riotous coloured leaves, empty beaches, woodsmoke, early morning fog, the first frost. they have seeped into my bones over the years, and looking out on the wet grey and brown cityscape that is a london autumn (not “fall”, but “autumn”), casts an additional dreariness over my mood. fall always makes me wistful and nostalgic, but missing out on it even more so.

so that’s where i’m at at the moment – my absence has been noticed, and unfortunately it’s not because i’m too busy frolicking in fields of unicorns, rainbows and fuzzy bunnies.

my mom always said that if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing. sage advice, and i’m following it.



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    Comment by Your Sister

    1.10.2010 @ 21:25 pm

    Don’t be sad, please. We have lots of apples. I will send you some with candy corn and pumpkin muffins. We miss you terribly. I hope my ET is okay. xxoxooxoxoooo

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    Comment by lisa

    2.10.2010 @ 02:44 am

    Take care!

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    Comment by Amity

    2.10.2010 @ 13:39 pm

    Picturing you frolicking in a field of unicorns has made me smile.

    I’m always most homesick in October too. Let me know if you’d like to visit one of paltry-in-comparison-but-it’ll-do-in-a-pinch American/Mexican restaurants in London.

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    Comment by Stacey

    6.10.2010 @ 18:01 pm

    If you can’t say anything nice, come and sit by me!

    Thinking of you, sweets.

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    Comment by Inga

    7.10.2010 @ 21:29 pm

    sending love. simply sending love.

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