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staying positive 2010

by Jen at 7:34 pm on 1.12.2010 | 1 Comment
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it is once again world aids day.

this year, worldwide new infections continue to decline – hurrah!! and child-to-mother infections are declining as well – hooray! and with more people having access to anti-retroviral therapy, aids mortality is decreasing as well!

but as positive as all that news is, the flip side of that coin is that there are more and more people who are living with hiv, and living longer than ever before. this battle is far from over – funding is more important than ever to help ensure the downward trends continue, and that people living with hiv get the support and medication they need. there are still 10 million people who need anti-retrovirals, but aren’t getting them.

and it’s not just less well-off countries who are still fighting – in the u.s., the number of people living with hiv has grown 30% in the last decade. african-american women are 19x more likely to contract hiv in the u.s. than their white counterparts. and in 2007, the u.k. reported the highest ever number of new infections amongst men who have sex with men.

and we mustn’t forget that even with falling infection rates, hiv is still the number one killer worldwide of women of reproductive age.

we cannot get complacent!

there are 33 million people still living with hiv today.

you probably know one.

do something for them today.

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    Comment by Jonno

    2.12.2010 @ 21:12 pm

    Good post. We should just hope that EU and US governments don’t try restrict generic drugs from India too much (with proposed patents and trade agreements) – seeing as Indian pharmaceutical companies provide around 80% of cheap ARV to the developing world.
    Cheap effective medicine for all is a good thing )

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